Privacy and Policy is a digital matrimonial website conducted by Islamic sharia. We always try to help people find the right and suitable life partner through this site according to the user’s desire. Your privacy is very crucial to us. For this reason, it is essential to clarify our privacy policy and our procedures. It will help you to make familiar with this site. 

1. Anyone can visit our site without registration or payment and also anyone can give bio-data on this site freely. 

2. For adding biodata to our site you must give some personal information including contact number, email address, monthly income, date of birth, your address, and so on. This information will be shown in your biodata on this website. We will give topmost priority to conserve your personal information. 2. The information shared by our users will not be shared with any individual, organization, or third party. And even we don’t loan or rent any recognized biodata to anyone or any organization but we make money only to provide contact numbers. 

3. Payment is required only to take the contact number of parents or bio-data owners. 

4. You can delete or hide your bio-data at any time by informing us. 4. For getting the contact information of parents, first, we have to fill an online form and then make payment with the legal way announced by After the completion of your Payment, we will try to give you your contact number within 2 days inshallah.  

5. Now we are not allowing any kinda advertisements. Notice. We may bring changes in our privacy policy from time to time on the basis of our choices or according to the privacy policy of this company.