Terms of Service

Welcome to deenipatropatri.com.This is a matrimonial website. This website has been created for those people who are practicing Muslims and have intended to marry as well. This website will help them to find the right and appropriate life partner in accordance with their desire as much as possible inshallah. Moreover, and the very important thing is this website is conducted by Islamic sharia and the main and major goal of it is only help to make recognized marriages, not any other dating or forbidden relationship. The authority of this website only arranges the preliminary step and that is providing a contact number. But after providing a contact number the authority won’t take responsibility for any kind of unethical deeds done by the users.

Eligibility::::::For using deenipatropatri.com, you must have some efficiencies including being Muslim especially practicing Muslim. And also you have to ensure that you are totally efficient for marriage by the laws of the Bangladesh government. Moreover, you have to ensure that you are not banned or prohibited to enter into a matrimonial relationships by any court or tribunal of Bangladesh. In spite of knowing all things if anyone contravenes the terms and conditions then the authority of this website will not take any kind of further juridical disturbance. 

Terms of Use::::You must keep one thing in your mind that one account is for one and the account is not transferable. For this reason, while using the account, you must keep your password or other information under your own privacy. 

Consummation ::::: You can dispel your account from deenipatropatri.com at any time but for dispelling the account you have to inform us. In the same way, you can remove your bio-data from this website.

Payment Policy :::: Firstly we will not take any money from you for visiting our website and seeing Bio-data. But you will have to pay us for taking contact information ( phone number or email address)… 

2. You must inform us if you face any problem with the contact number or email( switch off, wrong number, or other problems ) given by us. We will try to fix it immediately inshallah. 

About commercial use:::: It is highly recommended and ordered that the user will only use this website for personal use by no means commercial use. 

More terms and conditions::::: 

1. one user can not give multiple bio-data. If anyone does it, we shall have the right to deactivate his or her account from this site.

2.deenipatropatri.com reserves the monopoly right to review and monitor all the accounts and biodata.3.The users who will give biodata and contact numbers to us. We will give a contact number to anyone who askes contact number from us without the permission of users. And users have no right to say anything against this system. 

Ownership right:::: The ownership of this site contains deenipatropatri.com. And also all the materials of this site are under copyright laws.

Copyright policy:::: Anyone can not post or reproduce or republish the materials of deenipatropatri.com.If anyone wants to do, one must inform to the authority of this site otherwise authority will take severe steps for imitating the materials. 

Privacy policy :::: The use of deenipatropatri.com is dominated by our privacy policy

Disclaimer :::: We strongly encourage you to give accurate and true information in bio-data, whenever you will make it. After finishing your bio-data, it will be considered that every piece of information is correct. If anything will remain inaccurate or false, you will be liable for that, not the authority. The members and visitors themselves are totally responsible for justifying the information given in biodata.